2nd Class Motor 64M

64M was the first of the "Ballroom" motors, so named due to the extra large van section between cab and compartments. Model utilises a Hollywood Foundry chassis. Model uses my castings for sides, ends, partitions, cab and motor gear below chassis, with modified G&E clerestory, Tomix pantograph and SEM bogie sides.

TT Class Van

The sole 3 door version of the TT Class, the first built. A kit donated a long time ago by my good friend Mark Tregoning, running on Steam Era diamond frame bogies. If the body manufacturer is out there please let me know as I would like to credit your work.

IB Class Open Wagon (Steel)

Converted from a Steam Era Models "Tommy Bent" IA wagon.

E Class - Under Construction

Still a Work In Progress, she is shown alongside the Hornby Terrier from which she was converted, the black sections show which parts of the Terrier were retained.

2nd Class Driving Trailer - 17D

17D again uses my own castings for sides, ends, partitions and cab, with a modified G&E clerestory, modified SEM bogies and detailing from styrene and wire.

1st Class Trailer 32T

32T utilises my own side, end and interior castings and underframe detail on modified SEM bogies with a modified G&E clerestory roof.