QN Bogie Ballast

Years ago I purchased some Scaleways (I think?) QN parts and after a decade the casts were still sticky, so I re-cast them and put them together with Steam Era Models plateframe bogies, Model Etch brake wheels and other detailing from styrene and wire to make them suit Glenburn's era. As with other non-SEM kit builds, decalling is sourced from SEM's Imperial Decals sheet which covers a very wide range of VR wagon types and is recommended for anyone modelling this era.

MM Bogie Livestock Wagon

I recently received a PSM MM courtesy of a very kind donation by Phil Dunn. For backdating the  following changes were made, most of which are visible in the pre-painting shot above and the two final pictures above that:
- Adding coupler strike plate and screw link couplers
- Adding buffers (tapered style per pre-autocoupling)
- removal of centre below chassis “step”
- removal of triangular fillets in top of door frames
- re-lettering following the 1933 Diagram
- repainting and weathering
There were a couple of other points of difference that I left as I considered them immaterial and/or I could not find enough evidence to date them to this era.