P Class Powder Van

One of the original Powder (Explosives) wagons which lasted through to the 1950's in what I have guessed was the livery during the 1920's/30's - red with wagon red chassis. Interesting features of the original vans included springs inside the W irons, lamp irons and no class letter painted on. Model was scratchbuilt in styrene (including over 400 hand punched rivets but who's counting?) with Steam Era wheels supported in modified Model Etch W irons.

H Class Van

By the 1920s/30s the H Class were mostly in departmental service and this one may be. Model body is a cast of a Phil Dunn master on an SEM chassis with new roof and added iron bar doors and detailing.

Another variant of the H, also in its very last days of general service, is this round roofed version. Model is again a cast from a Phil Dunn master on an SEM chassis with scratchbuilt detail including corrugated iron roof.

XYZ Class Passenger Brake

Literally a "whole train within a carriage", the XYZ had 1st, 2nd and Guards compartments and was typically attached to mixed branch line workings. This one is modified from Steam Era's excellent Z van kit and I have included a couple of "in progress" shots that show most of the alterations.