IY Class Wagon

Steam Era's IY wagon, backdated to it's interwar appearance including supporting struts for the W irons and coding as I - the IY's were one of the few wagons to later add a second classing letter rather than having it removed.

O Class Hopper

s scratchbuilt using modified SEM Tommy Bent sides and SEM 10'6" chassis (6" too short for the O but retained as is for rigidity), the remainder being built up in styrene and wire, with the usual Glenburn accessories and detailing.

N Class Ballast Open

Several of these wagons lasted into Glenburn's era, and I have been looking forward to building one for a while. Model is scratchbuilt from wood with Tichy Trains bolts, SEM W irons, however given the short wheelbase I mounted the SEM wheels in MJT etched axle mountings. Thanks to Phil Dunn who supplied a diagram of the braking here, photos proving elusive. If the model looks a bit dilapidated it's meant to, they were getting quite old by this time!

UB Class Van

Steam Era's UB kit has been built according to their form in this era - removal of the autocoupling surrounds and replacement with louvres, original bogies addition of the original handrails, and less obvious changes - removing the later style of door handle and replacement with the original type, side bracing and removal of the supporting brackets for the four wheel chassis springs. Other changes last for the UB life - the corrugated roof appropriate to thsi wide door UB and the lamp irons fitted for their original passenger train capability. Credit to Phil Dunn's comprehensive AMRM article for the accuracy enabled here.

Workers Shower Car 56W (Ex E Mail Van)

(Picture above courtesy Public Record Office, Victoria)

Worker's Shower Car 56W is scratchbuilt in styrene, wood, card and wire on a modified SEM Z van chassis.

Tait Set - under construction

Having now completed the Driving Car (D) above, I can run a three car set, which will suffice for a service through Glenburn pending my building up enough inspiration to tackle a second M unit.

Powered Motor is now complete, and prompted a photo-session (in Updates).

Some in-progress and road-testing shots of the Tait set I'm putting together. Body crafting and assemblage is the excellent work of L.Crowther, roofs are SEM as are the bogies, as with the Swingdoor set, the Motor unit is driven by one of Hollywood Foundry's robust and smooth running mechanisms. Another Motor will complete the initial 4-car set. The Trailer was built some time ago, and is covered in the update at:

S.A.R Yy Wagon

Strath Model's Y wagon backdated to a Yy via the usual changes, with some extras for the S.A.R specifics - coupling chains, different brake gear made from a combination of styrene and inside shoes by Cooper Craft, and original axleboxes - the pre-painting picture shows the major additions. Something to relieve the near universal wagon red, and applicable given the regular interchange between the V.R. and S.A.R.

T Van

Steam Era's long wheelbase T van has been backdated to the era using a modified Z van chassis. Modifications to the chassis include lengthening the I channels, shortening and repositioning the springs and supports, reducing the axlebox to the early pattern, adding standard wagon brakes and rodding, and adding a revised base to the W irons. I also found body changes were required (in addition to adding handrails etc. and the usual removal of shunting apparatus and like modifications), specifically removal of the side/end bracing and not adding the drain, both of which appear to be later changes. Norm Bray has requested I continue to post "under construction" shots where appropriate, these three show the major changes. Thanks for the feedback Norm!

For the short T Van I made the same backdating modifications to a Northern Models short T van body, placed on an SEM chassis.