C Class Van - 43C

43C was a beautiful van just waiting to be modelled. He she is during the "Glenburn" era following removal of the horse box and many years before her conversion to the second "Carey". I have included a photo pre-painting to show the primary materials of this scratchbuild.

Z Class Brake Van

SEM's excellent kit backdated to the 1920-30's via buffers, screw link couplings, removal of auto coupler apparatus, higher footboard due to smaller axleboxes, no stove nor roof curves, and black-background to the body signage.

For this Z van I made the same modifications as above, adding the double roof that originated from it's days as a D van.

IA Class "Shandy" Wagon

Representing the half wood/half iron bodied I wagons built during a steel shortage in the First World War, with a typical loading of cut timber. Models are casts from a Phil Dunn master on an SEM chassis.