Tait Set - under construction

Having now completed the Driving Car (D) above, I can run a three car set, which will suffice for a service through Glenburn pending my building up enough inspiration to tackle a second M unit.

Powered Motor is now complete, and prompted a photo-session (in Updates).

Some in-progress and road-testing shots of the Tait set I'm putting together. Body crafting and assemblage is the excellent work of L.Crowther, roofs are SEM as are the bogies, as with the Swingdoor set, the Motor unit is driven by one of Hollywood Foundry's robust and smooth running mechanisms. Another Motor will complete the initial 4-car set. The Trailer was built some time ago, and is covered in the update at:

S.A.R Yy Wagon

Strath Model's Y wagon backdated to a Yy via the usual changes, with some extras for the S.A.R specifics - coupling chains, different brake gear made from a combination of styrene and inside shoes by Cooper Craft, and original axleboxes - the pre-painting picture shows the major additions. Something to relieve the near universal wagon red, and applicable given the regular interchange between the V.R. and S.A.R.