F Class Horsebox

This version of the F was a one-off prior to the class conversion to 6 wheelers and as such is slightly early for Glenburn, however was such an interesting vehicle I had to build it. The F is quite special amongst the rollingstock for Glenburn - it is the Tribute Wagon. I have continued a tradition started with my Cudgewa layout in that each Anzac Day I run a horse special the length of the line as the only working that day. The special is my way of paying my respects to Australian Servicemen who served, were wounded or were lost representing Australia in all conflicts. The choice of a horse wagon reflects the special place often reserved for the Australian Light Horse Regiments as representative of Australia's war service.

A secondary Tribute is now played by this wagon in so far as I built her primarily from traditional modelling materials - including a wood chassis and card body - in tribute to those modellers of Australian prototype who have led the way for us to follow, often with little reference materials and basic materials, with nowhere near the range of assistance and trade support modellers today have. I have appended some construction pictures below - My thanks to Ian Weickhardt for his encouragement to use card for rollingstock - I was genuinely suprised by how well card could be worked to represent the wagon structure and finishes, and will likely use it again.

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