Electric Loco - Steeple Cab

I have recently completed scratchbuilding one of VR's pioneering Steeple Cab electric locos. Loco is powered by twin Steam Era Models' Beetles electrically linked as suggested by David Foulkes (and detailed by him in AMRM) via phosphor strips and contacts as shown in the picture above. Chassis plate is from Hollywood Foundry, with the body seperately being built up in layered styrene. The pictures above show the main stages in the progression of the build, from the couple o' Beetles and Hollywood board, through the basic under-body in thick styrene with the Steam Era bogie sides added, through weighting (important for traction and prototype performance) and laminating the outer body layers to form the basic body to detailing, painting and completion.

Pictures of her in service on "Glenburn" are at:

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