6 wheel U van

Further to my earlier entry on "Glenburn" U vans, I have recently followed David Foulke's October 1989 AMRM article to produce a much more accurate 6 wheel van than my first attempt. I cheated with styrene modifications for the ends rather than the cut/shut recommended given I had to backdate the ends in any case. I also referenced Philip Dunn's April 2000 AMRM article on the U vans. Wheels are mounted in MJT fold-ups, with Steam Era W iron/axlebox/spring fascias from the new 10'6" chassis kit mounted on a styrene I channel solebar. On SEM's seperate recommendation, I use a Code 88 wheel for the centre wheel and this has worked very well. Decal is from "Signs of All Kinds", cut up to word size and louvre size to help bed it down. Not perfect, but the best I have done with these to date. This van's painting was different each side as shown.

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