OH Tool Van

This model is of a van that may not have existed. Phil Dunn kindly supplied a 1920 General Arrangement detailing conversion of one of the old style K flat wagons into a Tool Van for one of the overhead trains via adding a box body, peaked roof and working platform. For night work, the plan has an acetylene powered lamp included - hence the small tank on one end, and pipework. This looks convoluted as the lamp is folded down for transit (as is the end roof platform extension). The G.A. was for the conversion of K157 - Peter J Vincent's very helpful records show this K as having been converted to a water tanker or like, however later K's of the same time may have had these changes done, they are listed by PJV as have been converted to Overhead use. So, it may be a "what if" or a prototype model.

The model is built up in bass wood with SEM W irons/axleboxes, wheels (mounted in MJT fold up axleholders given the unusual chassis length), buffers and cut down brake lever workings. Other details are made up from the scrap box.