Electric Loco - Box Cab, E Class

I managed to acquire one of Train Hobby/PSM's E Class locos with great provenance during 2010, a lucky find. The quality, detailing and finish of this model is outstanding.

The E is the first brass locomotive I have owned and took quite a few years savings to afford, so it has taken a few more years to acclimatise enough to have the courage to backdate it to a proper appearance for "Glenburn's" era. The changes weren't a great deal of work, but made up for it in fear! With only 100 of these made, one didn't want to get it wrong.

I removed the horns, leaving the whistle/squeegee. I then removed the extended/halved buffers, the housing for the auto-coupler and the coupler lift bar, then filed/sanded down the headstock to flat. I formed a coupler strike plate from brass sheet in accordance with VR plans for same (with thanks to Phil Dunn and Brett Whelan for provision), and added this and screw link couplings, then added new buffers (Steam Era Models with the backing plate removed). I also added a brake activating rod and MV lenses to the marker lamps before the painting and light weathering. I don't have a MV Lens of the right diameter at this stage to replace the clear headlight but intend to do so at some stage, for now I just painted it with grey and some metallic silver in parts. The revised headstock arrangements, and the model as purchased can be seen in the pictures below.


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